Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Case Solution & Answer

Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Case Solution


By using its strengths, the company may exploit opportunity. The company may successfully introduce best practices around the organization through using its employees experience and skills. Furthermore, the company may also introduce a centralized business process by approaching best practices globally.


The major threat to the company is that it may lose the market due to the diverse organizational culture and work practices. This may also contribute in failure to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Furthermore, the conflicts between the team members and their non-serious behavior would also likely hinder the company’s growth and successful attainment of goals and targets.

Remark’s on Anja’s first steps to convene the team and initiate the project:

After the analysis, Anja’s first step was appropriate. She arranged the team meeting and initiatedthe introductory session, which was the right step to start with the project’s team members. However, she should have met each person individually prior to the meeting in order to gather information about their working style and perspective and to enhance the likelihood of their support.

Applying Amabile and Kramer’s Progress Theory:

This theory was given by Prof. Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer. This theory provides a clear view about how the progress can enhance the performance. Amabile and Kramer identified six factors that can be utilized to give team members best chances of experiencing and recognizing significant progress. (Kramer, 2012)

Set Clear Goals and Objectives:

Anja should have set clear goals and objectives, which they have to achieve through the project of BPS. This would help the team to identify what they have to do in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives. This would also likely improve the coordination between the team members. She should have set SMART goals and make them understand that is exactly expected of them.

Allow Autonomy:

After setting the goals, Anja should give autonomy to the team members to work on their own. The team members should be empowered to decide how they want to accomplish the goals. Furthermore, micromanagement should be avoided as isseems to destroy the moraleof members.

Provide Resources:

Adequate resources should have been provided to the team members to helpthem succeed in their work. She should make sure that all the members have tools and resources they need to perform their specific tasks.

Allow Ample Time:

Anja should have provided significant time to the members to complete their work. This could be through minimizing the pressure of work and allowing them the freedom to be creative and innovative.

Provide Support and Expertise:

Anja should have made sure that her team members had access to help and expertise of other individuals in the organization. This can foster a collaborative environment and ultimately enhance the BPS.

Learn from Failures:

At the end, Anja should evaluate the project’s progress to learn what could be avoided in future and what could be added in the plan to get success.


Increase Collaboration:

The first alternative available to Anja is that she can increase the collaboration with the other team members. This could be done through conducting meetings with each member of the team individually. This would help her to increase the coordination and to ensure their support. However, this may also produce no results as many members in the team already have a negative perception about Anja.

Abandon the Team:

Anja may request the management of the company to abandon the team and allow her to select another team. This would help her to select the appropriate individuals for her team, which would also likely increase chances of success for BPS project. However, this would create a negative perception of her among her colleagues…………………..

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