Anita Norris Model Management Case Solution

In March 2010, the owner of Anita Norris Model Management (Elevation) trying to discern the strategic direction to better serve their growing business. Its rapid growth over the past two years due to the efforts of the owners to continue the revenue stream opportunity presented. The owner was worried that this rate was not sustainable in the long term and would really stretch too thin business. At present, the company’s turnover comes from four main areas: modeling workshops, signing and management models, model development and free expression. The owner wanted to develop a business strategy that allows you to focus future activity and spend most of their time in the development and management of their models. For this, I had to carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company by virtue of its competitors and the industry as a whole.
Prashob Menon
Paul Lee,
John S. Haywood-Farmer
Source: Ivey Publishing
16 pages.
Release: September 10, 2010. Prod #: 910D13-PDF-ENG
Remedy case management model Anita Norris

Anita Norris Model Management Case Solution
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