• Evaluate the competitive environment. Does Angie’s List have a competitive advantage? What are the challenges and opportunities for Angie’s List moving forward?

Angie’s list started its operations even before Googleand Yelp came into the industry. Due to this reason,Angie’s List hasa large data comprisedof old and newcustomer/clients. This bulk of data has helped thecompany to forecast and offer a more authentic solution or review on certain fields which will be supported by olderreviews.The mix of older and new reviewoffers a competitive edge to the company in terms of data availability and exact forecasting or feedbacks.Moreover, one more thing that offered the competitive advantage to Angie’s List wasthe use of Big Data, whichenabled the company withbulkinformation arranged and right placed according to the need of the segment. Moreover, it engraved itsyellow page strategy into itsbusiness model, which helped in maintaining the competitiveadvantage, as many new players lacked such technique.

Lookingin-depth of competitive environment, Angie’s List faced immense competition from the externalmarket. Just after the launch of Angie’ list, Google andYelpentered the market and captured a largecustomer base by offering free service, which were the same services thatAngie’sList was offering at subscription fees or membership. Thistrendnegatively affectedAngie’sLista big deal, and it became difficult for the company to justify the fees of subscription, when other competitors were offeringalmost similar service. Moreover, other local players also entered the market such asHomeadvisor, Houzz, Porch, Amazon home services, task rabbit and trip advisor. Though the business plan differed on medium scale however,the parent offering remained free, which created a deadlock for the organizationas whetherto pursuethe existing strategy or go free. Thecompetitionintensified as otherplayersstarted entering the industry, deducting the inertia and potential of he market.

However, under such circumstances,Angie’sList hasa lot of opportunities to look for. Thefirstopportunity is its contentment which supports its service offered. Many serviceproviders feel internally reluctant to research the market deeply for free and thus,they offera satisfactory job or service which is not up to the standard Angie’s List.Onthe other hand, Angie’s List hasa big data and other audited data for members that offer the purpose of the membership. Theavailability and long existence of the company in the market allowedAngie’s List to gain the benefit ofthe trusted brand image premium in the form of number of subscription. Moreover, due to longer existence, the company knows where to attractthe customers in order to make themloyal with thebrand.The company has a vast knowledge and understanding of the behaviors of the customersbase. Similarly, Angie’sListdue to its pioneer brand image understands and develops such strategieswhich add value in each step towards delivery. Theknowledgealso allowedthe company to target the customerseffectively, leading towards moreopportunity in the market. Lastly, due to pre-built brand image and brandvalue, there is more word of mouth for the company, whichhelps to exploit the new regions easily.

The challenge that Angie has to face is the shifting nature of the customers towards getting free service.The challenge here lies is the development of perception and the positioning of the brand. It is complicated for Angie’sListto make customersunderstand the value of getting thesubscription…………….

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