This Case is about BUSINESS MODELS

PUBLICATION DATE: October 03, 2011 PRODUCT #: 312708-VID-ENG

TopCoder’s crowdsourcing-established business model, in which software is developed through internet tournaments, is presented. The case emphasizes TopCoder has created a distinctive two sided who compete to write applications modules for its over 40 clients Supplies details of a unique invention platform where sophisticated applications is developed through on-going on-line contests. programmers invention platform comprising an international community of over 225,0000 By summarizing the development of the company’s, the challenges of creating a community and refining a net-based contest platform are exemplified. Views and knowledge from clients help and TopCoder community members illustrate what it designate to work from within or in cooperation with an online community. In the event, using its own possible worthiness as a corporate problem solving mechanics and distributed innovation is discussed. Problems related to growth, profitability and TopCoder’s scalability are also investigated.

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