An Inside View of IBMs Innovation Jam Case Solution

The IBM Innovation Jam was the biggest networking event to encourage the generation of ideas. More than 150,000 employees, shareholders and suppliers IBM participated in two online events three days to encourage innovation and help IBM bring products to market faster. The use of web sites, wikis, forums and other online tools, the Jam participants generate hundreds of thousands of new business ideas. These ideas, IBM has focused on several important issues for the second part of the Jam and invited its employees to build on the ideas in these areas. After this process, 10 separate companies were funded. However, it was not the success that make the Jam Interestingly, the authors argue, are the difficulties in the implementation of IBM? Practice Jam. Since the only access to the jam, the authors discuss the inherent collaborate with many complications. In particular, it was difficult to maintain individual “conversations” in the collaborative process. Instead of building on the ideas of others, many participants – because of the emotion in their own ideas – that “hijack” a thread or take in an unexpected direction. Some great ideas were left to decay. The authors discuss other attempts at large-scale collaboration, including some Dell and Starbucks. These include the use of promotional tools to ensure that the ideas of “good” are seen and captured by many eyes as possible. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods are also discussed, and the authors provide a framework for thinking about how an organization can work with its stakeholders.
Mr. Osvald Bjelland,
Robert Chapman Wood
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
11 pages.
Publication Date: October 1, 2008. Prod #: SMR291-PDF-ENG
A view of the interior of the solution of the case “Innovation Jam ‘IBM

An Inside View of IBMs Innovation Jam Case Solution
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