As Xciting is one of the reputable organizationfor which many Indians aspire to work. Gupta should not leave the company and try harder to socialize with people, get help from supervisors and try to complete tasks within deadlines because the forgoing year has observed severe period of depression in Indian information technology sector for engineering students, sometimes waiting for around one year for employment. Luckily Amisha Gupta only waited 4 months to get interviewed by Xciting and got hired.

As Gupta is about to complete her first year at this regarded IT Company located in India and she is working in her hometown i.e. in Bangalore’s office,there is a lot of room for improvement in getting practical experience with respect to different software and programming projects. At least Gupta should spend three to five years of her career in this organization and accumulate the knowledge regarding different projects including familiarity with organizational culture. By recognizing her leadership skills she could go for options like supervisor, may start her own company, educator, or instructor in this reputable company or some other organization.


Socialization is one of the key exercise that should be adapted within the culture of organization and this should be further processed by Xciting HR Department or Employee relations. The refinements in socialization process helps to foster and improve behavior among employees including newly inducted staff. To adopt the process of analyzing attitude, knowledge and divergent skills of employees which assists in portraying true potential and capability of current employees as well as newly inducted staff By improving the knowledge of job related task and create awareness regarding which types of tasks can be allotted. This awareness can be created by giving employees on-job assignments when they are idle so that they are prepared for the unexpected tasks which would be assigned to them with strict deadlines which was the case happened with Gupta.

To enhance newcomer’s learning, adjustment concerning organizational culture and work practice, company should provide knowledge and skills to employees to coincide with the activities of their peer.

The other practice that Xciting could adopt is to distinguish newcomers with already existing experienced staff. If company applies this set of practice it will distinguish the newly inducted from experienced staff in terms of tasks related to job performance target which will provide an opportunity for latest employees to get performance appraisals.

One of the practice that Xciting should consider to improve is to detach the pressure from employees by instructing supervisors to always be with the newcomers when they are assigned new and unexpected task to help them so they could complete with in the requirements of deadline.


Organizations adopt various socialization applications to train their current employees and the newly inducted staff.


Training is one of the most common exercise acquired by many organizations to train and develop their newly inducted employees regarding work related tasks so that they can become capable of performing in strict deadlines under least supervision of their heads. These training programs are conducted at the start that leads to examination which employees should pass in order to be a part of the company…………………

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