American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now Case Solution & Answer

American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now  Case Solution


American Well is a well-known as well as a valuable healthcare IT provider, which is invented for the novel concept of online healthcare with the use of web-based technologies, bringing physician and patient in direct interaction. Significantly, the online care technology innovation enables the physicians and doctors to render the quality care to the patients, online. Commonly, the geographic locations and availability of the physicians-restrict the patients from approaching them,due to which the concept of online healthcare provides greater strength to the American Well. With the use of such technology, the non-emergency patients could reach out to their doctors or physicians, concerning the issues related to health by phone or via online.

Key issues

The co-founders of the company, i.e. Roy Schoenberg and I do Schoenberg, saw this as an opportunity to reduce the care delivery cost, and to create new opportunities for revenue-earning for the providers & contributing more to the efficient& convenient health care delivery system. While the online healthcare could provide various benefits to the patients, employers, providers and insurers alike, American Well has only marketed few health insurance companies to date. Despite the advantages of online healthcare; there were only three insurers who accepted the technology in 2009.

American Well is also looking for more growth opportunities. Since, American Well is contemplating to accelerate the adoption by health insurers, it is also concerned about other options of growth. The company must decide whether to pursue new markets in the US, such as: pharmacies, hospitals, chains of clinics or even expand internationally or not. In the broader sense, the technology of American Well solves the economic hurdle of place as well as time by relating excess supply (of capacity of physicians) with excess demand (for the care of patients), but a model could be adopted to other industries, such as: accounting and legal services and the company is met with the question that should it only focus on its primary product& on becoming the leader in the online care industry or should it diversify its services.

Critical analysis

Competition structure

In the highly intense competitive landscape; American Well is well-positioned in the market, as it allows direct interaction between the patient and the physician,without wait times and allowing a choice of physicians with the use of the custom built technology platform (online payment, online record keeping, as well as online interaction) & integrating with the providers of insurance in the business-to-business model.

The health-care service industry is dominated by major players, including:Relay Health, Med fusion, TelaDoc and Cisco Telepresence. All of these competitors provide the services of remote visits through medical devices and video conferencing, connect patients with physicians, facilitate the patients’ records, lab results, appointments, schedules, preliminary medical questionnaire and prognosis, thus demonstrating the accelerated efforts of the competitors towards achieving the higher share of the market.

Team edition

Team Edition is the service concept invented by American Well, which connects the PCP and specialist instantly during the online visits of initial office visits of the patients. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages of the new service concept. The Team Edition is convenient to the patients in a way that it reduces the needs of unnecessary multiple trips and patient have a simultaneous or direct access to specialist and PCP. It is a robust solution to the medical licensing barriers between states, and it provides better health outcomes and is less expensive due to an increased access.

On the other hand, the barriers include: security and privacy of the records and information of patients being stored online and an increased fear amongst physicians of malpractice litigation, difficulty in practicing medicine without physical examination and over-utilization concern……………….

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