AMAZON IN B2B Case Solution & Answer

AMAZON IN B2B Case Solution


Amazon’s Core Resources and Skills

Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994. Today,Amazon is the ruler of world’s e-commerce industry. Amazon’s growth over the years, is remarkable. The business was initially started as a bookstore and today it deals in almost every product available on the internet.

Amazon is not only ruling over the e-commerce industry but it is also well-known for its services in the field of technology. Amazon is a key player of the cloud industry. This tech giant has always focused on the customers’ demands and their needs. This strategy has proved to the key to Amazon’s success. The company is investor’s favorite. Amazon Alexa is the best-selling device for this retail giant.

Amazon also deals in hardware products, such as: Echo devices, Echo Sot and Fire TV Stick etc. Amazon music is slowly becoming the customers’ favorite, as the total number of paid customers for Amazon music is more than tens of millions. The brand likes to invest in new innovative technology and is changing the industry game, rapidly.

Web services by Amazon grew from $1 billion to $10 billion in just 10 years (Stefan Michel, 2020)This shows that Amazon is growing rapidly, and has proven itself as the true technology giant of this era.

Amazon operates in more than 185 countries around the globe, it operates around 14 websites, has more than 300 million active users, about 600,000 selling jobs and much more. This brand generated around a $ 280.52 Billion revenue in the year 2019, and its net profit was around $ 11.59 Billion in the year 2019 (Hub, 2020).

The product line of is endless, some of the common products are as follows:

Amazon Fresh Echo Music
Amazon Prime Kindle Music Unlimited
Amazon Web Services Fire tablets Amazon Digital Game Store
Alexa Fire TV Amazon Studios
Appstore Video AmazonWireless
Amazon Drive Kindle Store

There are a number of markets that Amazon operates in, which include:

  • E-commerce.
  • Digital streaming, etc.

Amazon interrupted numerous industries, which are as follows:

  • Motor oil.
  • Cloud computing.
  • The core competencies of Amazon that were identified by Grundfos’ team as mentioned in the case,are listed below:
  • Amazon offers competitive pricing to its customers.
  • It uses cutting-edge technologies.
  • Amazon has a number of product categories.
  • The products are delivered to the customers on time.
  • Amazons’online platform is easy to use.
  • Checkout system is easily understandable and customers can place their order on a click of a button.
  • Customers are Amazons’ first priority.


HVAC Market in Europe

Europe is the biggest market for the HVAC systems. The demand for HVAC systems across Europe is very high. The heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a technology that is used to make relaxed, calm and comfortable indoor environment for every season. HVAC system provides suitable air quality and thermal comfort within your homes.

Demand for more efficient HVAC systems in Europe is continuously growing, due to an increased development as well as an increased customer demand for the superior quality energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Although the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) market in Europe was very traditional and conservative at first,but since new technologies are taking over the world; the European market is now looking for more efficient and long-lasting HVAC systems.

Over the past few years, these efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have gone througha number of technical or technological alterations, and this is the reason why the major players of the HVAC system in the European market are making advancements and alterations in their products.

According to a report, there is an increasing trend of creating smart homes across Europe. People are refurbishing their houses and converting them into smart houses for smart living. Smart home construction across Europe has increased the demand for efficient HVAC systems.(Markets, 2020).

The government of Germany is promoting the development and implementation of energy efficient heating and cooling technologies. This governmental step has led towards a substantial market shift in Germany.(Intelligence, 2020)…………………

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