Amazon.Com, 2016 Case Solution & Answer

Amazon.Com, 2016 Case Solution


On January 28th, 2016; recorded the income of $ 2.2 b with $ 107 brevenues. The Chief Executive: Jeffrey Bezos brought profits to the company through expansion and purchases of business start-ups into profit, but constraints from researchers increased as expansion decelerated and the level of profit generation had plummeted. In 2016, recorded $ 241 m unplugged of $ 90 b in sales as compared to China’s leading online competitor: Alibaba, which reported $ 3.9 b in revenue with 12.3b sales. Alibaba is a mediator market without the spread or takeover of resources, whereas, Amazon’s business network was very different. is a large web-based retail store,with a wide range of items, keeping the retail place mediator where it offers shipping, customer support, deposit processing, and research services to personal retailers. also provides software for cloud memory, movie streaming, and is a type of computerized hardware (mobile, and elegant television items). Plus, Amazon printed .com, has its play store, video delighted development, and Amazon running com Prime, anannual community program with many advantages.  Although Amazon’s work is in line with Apple, Google, eBay and Alibaba, but has provided a very little information about the advantages of its successful-lines, a few of which are thought to be unproductive. There are still questions to be answered, such as: which firms would drive Amazon’s future expansion? Has the investment been profitable to Is there any big rivalry or business that could change

Current Status

Amazon’s desire for high profits and reanalyzed-global sales have led the firm to follow a global strategy, which includes expansion. However, researchers are careful about Amazon’s honorableness, as their expansion has shown a slight indication of downfall, which has also hindered its profit generation. Financiers are forced to query regarding the capability of Amazon to ever be profitable for its financiers through its growth. With accession and associations, Amazon has achieved the biggest market shares in numerous retail firms to offer extraordinary forms to the online consumers. Although Amazon’s sales have continued to increase because of offering more items and services, but it has failed to continuously report its operating in come.(Agarwal, (2014))

Most important facts surrounding the case

The world’s biggest retailer is Walmart, with being the 3rd biggest retailer, but unlike Walmart; Amazon has never developed a single solid item and neither does it have an earlier brick-and-mortar store. Instead, Amazon focuses on alternatives, price, and the provision of ease in consumer’s lives.

CEO Jeff Bezos had chosen as the firm’s name, after which the ranking of the website was  arranged in ordered order to raise the scale ( was introduced with the punch line: “World’s biggest Book stocks. (Business Insider)

Amazon’s first top-selling book came from Bezos’ garage in July 1996. The book was based on Concepts &innovative-similarities: Computer patterns of basic technician of the Thought. (Business Insider)

The Amazon logo shows a smiley cure from letter A to Z, which translates into the firm’s dedication to provide any kind of service or product to its customer at just one click. (Business Insider)

Bezos wanted to name the firm Cadabra (as in ‘Abracadabra,’) but later on decided to go with the title of Amazon. Com.

To downsize on its cost; Amazon had built desks from affordable doors by cutting the doors into half and designing them into functional desks. The firm continued to offer “Door Desk Award” to any staff-member who came with an idea of a cheaply designed product. (Business Insider)

In its initial days, when someone bought any book from Amazon, an alarm rang in the office alerting of a new purchase by a customer. (BuzzFeed)

During Amazon’s 1stmonth of operations, it got orders from 51 US states and 46 countries around the world. (MSN)

During the firm’s first year; Bezos hired a car advertising board at Barnes & Noble stores with “Can’t find the book you were searching for?” written on it with Amazon’s website written underneath. (MSN).

Astudy shows that the sales unit which proved to be most promising for Amazon came from speakers’ segment, as a massive number of sales were generated from speakers within the time period of 2016 to 2020. It is expected that Amazon would collect  39 mfrom the sales of speakers in the United States.

Worldwide Intelligence speaker unit shipment 2016-2020, by the Vendor

In the second half of 2019;the market explorer Amazon shipped 15.9 m intelligent speakers around the world. Whereas, other competitors of Amazon, such as: Google, also showed an increase in the sales of intelligent speakers. .

Amazon is the main vendor in the global intelligent speaker market, having overall industry of 28.3%of the entire speaker industry by the end of 2020. Google is Amazon’s biggest competitor, with a portion of 22.6% in the intelligent speaker segment.. (Sarkar, 2016)



In its 2016 SEC achieving;Amazon showed an aggressive environment for the items and administrations.

1) Web based, detached, and high-definition vendors, distributes, commercial and makers of the items that they offered to consumers and firms.

(2) Supplier, makers, and commercial of physical, new and instinctive media of various types and all distribution mechanism.

(3) Online guides, examination buying platforms, casual groups, online devices, and others, on the online and apps based methods for searching, using or getting labor and items, either openly or as a team with various distributors.

(4) Firms that provide web based business administrations, including:online development, encouragement and customer support and segments’preparation. (Round, 2004)

(5) Firms that focus on customers’delight and coordinate the administrations themselves.

(7) Firms that organize, produce, advertise or sell the buyer equipment, media communications, and automated appliances.

It accepts the guidelines’aggressive elements in its market divisions,including:”alternatives, value, availability, arrangement, data, announcement, brand acceptance and personalized administrations.(Marcus, 2004)

Identify the key Issue or Issues

  1. Unhelpful high standards and assumptions. According to this study, Amazon had intentionally set “unequal”plans. Although the firm had planned the strategies to create a high level of talent and unachievable assumptions; the employees might face difficulties and might deal with stress.

Some people, mainly those who have always protected Amazon’s high standards, said that the individuals who were unable to meet the orders, were simply incapable to do so. “This is a firm that works to do excellent things, to create, and those things are not easy,” Susan Harker, a major Amazon retailer. “When you shoot the moon; the type of work is really difficult;for some people, it doesn’t work.”………………..

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