Amanda Tremblay at Citrine Software Solutions Case Study Analysis

Internal and external situation of company

Internal environmental analysis

Strengths and weaknesses

One of the greater strength of the company is its robust business model, which is based on delivering the software to the companies. These services tend to offer greater speed and flexibility for the vastly improved experience of customers. The subsidiaries of each country has taken lead role in system installation, sales and customer support.In its initial period; the company achieved the economies of scale benefit by offering standardized products.The cost incurrence on winning the customer to purchase the product is offset by the gross margin on recurring revenue of 71%, customer retention rate of 96% and net operating margins of 19%. The improved presence in various markets, such as: Asia, Europe and North America have added value to the business as a result of an enhanced reputation and brandequity in both home as well as in international markets.

In contradiction of the strengths; the transition from software and hardware to the outsourced SaaS contract requires complex and lengthy sales process. Also, the company does not offer customized products, which could lead towards loss in customers, due to the customer choice of products meeting their specific needs on the basis of their distinct filters, dashboards, data fields and workflows. The frustration among the customer with installation resulted in subscription fee collection delay, caused as a result of an increased work pressure on internal consultants.The company would not be able to offer its services to large customers in case of lack of training of internal consultants and unfilled position for the technical consultants.

Robust business strategy

The business strategy of the company is to develop and offer software-as-a-service to help companies in managing their human resource and financial data. The company also allows users to outsource their information system by allowing firms to offload the responsibility for complex and challenging IT task, including: upgrading and maintaining software, providing support and training and ensuring security. SaaS consisted of the licensing cloud-based software that is delivered to the customers on the subscription basis over the internet. This business strategy of the company would reap to the greater benefits due to the wide adoption and growth of SaaS products and the increasing number of customers adopting SaaS solution for variety of business functions to satisfy their IT needs.

External environmental analysis

Attractiveness of cloud computing market on global scale

With the rapid expansion of the cloud computing market, the number of the SaaS companies has been significantly increasing over time. Due to the accessibility of SaaS, it has become mainstream technology in today’s era, hence bringing exceptional convenience to the operation of enterprise(Beck, 2020). Particularly, the cloud service market of Vietnam is poised to grow by significant margin in forthcoming years because of the company’s desire to put major emphasis on business development and stability instead of upgrading, handling and system administration. The country seems to be attractive for the CSS on the ground of increased GDP from 6% to 7% annually and the current SaaS market in financial and manufacturingsector was 75 million dollars and each sector was growing at the annual rate of 12 percent, thus presenting an attractive and real opportunity for CSS to target the market and reap the greater financial benefits……………………………….


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