Alphabet Eyes New Frontier Case Study Solution

Purpose of Reorganization

As Google wants to reconstruct Alphabet; there are many reasons, which cause this decision. The first reason is that the co-founders of Google want to reproduce their success of search engines in several industries and they also want to start with new and innovative technologies. The observer also says “To do that, though, they have to face a dilemma inherent in their structure. That is, they must find execs willing to work within Alphabet’s corporate umbrella, and teams willing to work with their chosen execs’’. Google also announced that Page will be the CEO of Alphabet and he will promote the former senior vice president, SundarPichai, of Google to the CEO. Page will operate Alphabet with the help of Brin and Porat. The existing share of Google will be converted into Alphabet’s shares, under the same stock tickets.

Larry page who was the prime supporter and who is the current CEO of Alphabet, said they need to have a greater administration scale, which will assist them with managing things autonomously and which are not identified with a more noteworthy degree. Larry page wanted to imitate Warren Buffet’s administration style who was the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. As Berkshire Hathaway had an assorted line of auxiliaries and they had made arrangements for long haul esteem creation. Letter set-top administration were away from of long haul ventures at the top of the priority list before starting this rebuilding program. They needed their undertakings periods to surpass the funding’s speculation. Larry page demanded that their rebuilding system would be a much-needed development for energetic business people who needs stages to feature their abilities and sparkle. Insiders from Google demanded that isolating the organizations will drain the opposition for new ability and distributions of assets will get simplified.

Google has some plans regarding the reorganization of the Alphabet. These plans include a plan to introduce segment reporting by which the earning of Google will be seen independently from the earnings and segments of Alphabet.Larry Page believes that this restructure will be beneficial for the company as it will allow us to manage everything and also writes on Alphabet’s website that we can run things independently that aren’t much related.”To restructure Alphabet, Page wanted to adopt Google leadership aspects of Berkshire Hathaway and also stated“Ithink there arethings that they do well”. Berkshire Hathaway is the largest company that generates most of the revenue.

Benefits and Costs

In this restructuring process, there is also a commitment of Alphabet that it will continue to develop long-term projects. Page said, “I think a lot of the things we are doing; we have a lot of conviction about them working overtime, but I think a lot of them have the characteristicoftakinglongerthananaverageventurecapitalbet.”The other purposes of reorganization are not about cost-cutting for future growth but are about having the approaches to see the growth and other expenses to maximize the revenue growth……………………………..


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