Alphabet a is Googlesubsidiary thatinitiated its business in themarket to develop new market imageandintroduce new market opportunities under a new managementandleadership style. Google,since its inception, though remaineda successfulcompany in empoweringemployees and capturingnewmarkets through acquisitions or ventures, it failed in creating value for the investors and failed in maintaining a strong management that could balance the leadership and autonomy with success and coherent culture, resulting in loose investments andreduced shareholder value.

However, with the inception of a new subsidiary, Google is planning to attain the market share and success in terms of customer satisfaction, shareholdervalue and in innovatingits overall projects through sustained actions.

Technological Factors

Technology and innovation are the key strengths of the US economy.It has strong resourcesand capabilities that enhance its technological base, however, the threat of competition is also high in such a sector due to easy hand-on technology by other marketplayers.In addition, under the technological sector, IoT and biotechnologies have become theemergingfactors of the market, giving rise to the effective use of big data.

Environmental Factors

The rising concernof environmental securityand stability of the ecosystem has greatly transformedthe way of businessperformance in the market.It has greatlyemphasized on the use of greener technologies and biochemicalto safeguard the environment and maintainthe biodiversity.

Legal Factors

Since the markets have become greener in the US, the law and legislation are actively playing theirrolesto control the activitiesofthebusinesses that may harm the environment. In addition, the control over the immigration ratio is also a major concern, since it my greatlyaffectthe performanceand policies of the organization along with other strategies inmeeting the goals while adhering to the policies. (Keller, 2015).


  • Since the company has developed a separateidentity in terms of organizational cultureand formation, it has the opportunity to manage its pricing strategy in the market,allowing it to maintaincustomer loyalty.
  • Since the company willtarget the online platform, it has the opportunity to gather immensesales from the online channels.
  • The extensive market development will lead to market dilution, makinga clear stance for Alphabet in the market.
  • Since environmental policies are changing in the market, it may offer the opportunity to company to developenvironmental friendly technology, capitalizing the opportunityon a big scale.


    • Since in the US, the increasing trend of bringingbusiness back to the US has taken a strong grip, expanding the services in the international market may become an issue for the company dueto governmental policies.
    • It may face high threat of imitation in differentmarkets due to differentpolicies and legal structure.
    • The difference in liability laws may hinder the performance of Alphabet due to different liability charges.(Harnoss, 2015)

    PEST Analysis

    Political Factor

    US has a strong democratic system, with low governmentpolicies and restrictions for businesses to pursue in themarket.The US government,however, strictly regulates the businessactivities convened with environmentalissues. Perhaps, it promotes the localbusinessesand supportsinternationalization.In addition, the government has also recently recovered from financiallosses, makingitspolitical stancestable and strong…………….

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