Alphabet Energy Case Solution

Alphabet Energy was founded in 2009 with a new thermoelectric technology that had the potential to improve energy efficiency by recovering waste heat in combustion and mechanical processes. Matt Scullin, founder of the alphabet, and his team were convinced that their product was cheaper to produce, and therefore, had more than 80 different potential applications. In 2010, the alphabet faced his biggest challenge – choosing the initial contract. After receiving initial funding in early 2010, the alphabet was to choose between the four markets: automotive, aerospace and defense, power generation, and manufacturing. Students receive information to help them make a recommendation.
Beverly Alexander,
Adam Boscoe
Mason Cabot,
Philip Dawsey,
Emmanuel Luc Bar
Russell Griffith
Source: UCB – Haas School of Business
12 pages.
Publication Date: August 1, 2012. Prod #: B5717-PDF-ENG
Alphabet Energy Solution Case

Alphabet Energy Case Solution
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