Alexa: A Pandora’s Box of Risks Case Solution & Answer

Alexa: A Pandora’s Box of Risks Case Study Solution


The largest online retailer and most prominent provider of cloud services – Amazon is an American multinational technology corporation. The key focus areas of the organization mainly includes: artificial intelligence, digital streaming, cloud computing, and e-commerce. Amazon provides assistance to the customers in finding the products they wish to purchase at relatively lower prices. Despite the rapid growth and adoption of the technological approaches introduced; Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers of Amazon significantly allowed the organization to penetrate voice assistants based on artificial intelligence, in people’s everyday lives.

However, the number of users has been expanded to around 100 million, which is the lowest among other voice assistant e. those launched by Microsoft, Google, and Siri. Similarly, a number of issues had occurred regarding the use of Alexa, as per the reports of  its potential customer base. Due to this reason, there is a requirement for Amazon to continue encouragement of customers’ acceptance and preclude regulatory actions. This is to retain the trust and maintenance of customer loyalty towards the company and its products.(Walker, 2019)



The launch of Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers that contained Alexa – an AI enabled digital assistant.


Earlier, the organization had taken a position to grant access to the data of its potential customers to the US government authorities.

By the year 2015;Amazon had rejected the search warrant sought by the government to identify a clue of a murder.


The response of Alexa against unrecognized voices represented susceptibility of the Alexa device to control the unauthorized parties within the hearing speaker range.


The launch announcement of Echo Plus – a smart Echo speaker allowing the users to connect directly to Echo, without the requirement of a third-party hub.

Alexa for business was introduced as a managed device for an efficient controlling of the existing information technology applications.

Whole Foods – a grocery chain was purchased by Amazon to access the customer data of Whole Foods’, locations of physical stores and its brands.


Almost all digital voice assistants were tested by a consulting firm, for the recognition of actual responses.

Over 70 new Alexa-enabled developer tools, features and devices were unveiled by the organization.

The announcement regarding few new capabilities of home security was done by Amazon about Alexa that significantly enabled the organization with anability to detect troubles at home i.e. smoke alarm or sound of shattering glass, alarming the smart phone users of potential danger.

The launch of Echo Dot Device version which was primarily aimed at children featured with a color case and preloaded with the content platform of children, referred to as Free Time Unlimited.

Joint announcement by Amazon and Microsoft for a solution that deals in the integration of digital assistants to allow Cortana – voice assistant of Microsoft to be called from an Echo device of Amazon. Similarly, Windows devices would allow Alexa to call to its devices, which mainly included Personal Computers.

Around 2 percent users of Alexa represented the use of voice shopping and purchased low-cost products, such as: detergent or toilet paper.

In the early year, the organization stated that it had no plans for the addition of advertising for Alexa but then negotiated with Procter and Gamble and Clorox for the promotion of its products via the skills of Alexa.

Due to mishearing of background conversation; one of the couple’s conversation was emailed by Alexa to one of their contacts without their knowledge, which raised concerns regarding the privacy and security of the device.

The utilization of the voice profiles had been limited to music, shopping, flash briefing, and calling and messaging.

In terms of custodian ship; Amazon responded the same against the provision of customer data access to the US government because of the violation of privacy rights and free speech……………………………….


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