The website of Al-Matani International L.L.C is not a user friendly website which is another threat for the company. Moreover, the targeted customers would not be able to understand what the company is offering, the management and clarification in each product line is much needed since managing customer relationship is one of the basic tools for operation management. Whether the management is related to customer, business, supply chain, marketing or product development is essential to prosper any business. In addition, the weaknesses mentioned above threat enAl-Matani Internationals as these weaknesses are the basic essentials needed to maintain a software developing companies.

For instance, software system LLC is one of the growing companies from Muscat, Oman, as well as it is a competitor for Al-Matani internationals L.L.Chaving a clear management system, which has helped Software System LLC to grow more deeply in the software industry whereas, Al-Matani Internationals needs to focus on the operations which it is performing. If the company does not maintain its operations properly, then company itself would become a threat.

Situation Analysis:

The business may be profitable if it is operating properly including marketing, supply chain, customer relationship, product development and business planning are basic areas to focus while maintaining a company.Managing different areas in the business may help the company to pilot the complexity and processes ranging from maintaining customer relationships to developing business plans. Overall, it is obvious that Al-Matani International L.L.C lacks in maintaining customer relationship through web.

Al-Matani International is dealing in different business targeting two kinds of customers,which is sometimes difficult to manage which leads company to face loss. Nowadays, social media is playing a vital role in developing business and a platform where the business can increase the number of word of mouth easily.

The idea related to developing software and application is acceptable only if the developing company is also maintaining its own software flawlessly. Al- Matani International L.L.C is not being marketed well since the digital medium is a strong area to market products and services and due to this Al-Matani International L.L.C is not as much popular as needed.

Moreover, Al-Matani International L.L.C has a reputable range of software’s for other companies to use and to make their operations more trouble-free,but with that Al-Matani International L.L.C lacks behind while not fulfilling its own needs in order to interact more openly and clearly with the customers. Planning for success and maintaining a large medium of products and services are not the only factors to do but to act for improvement and to plan for improvement are much more desirable factors for a business to prosper in the industry. The business plan is a bit confusing as Al-Matani International is dealing with cleaning, advertising and software businesses as well.

How operations can be improved:

Al-Matani International L.L.C needs to improve its operational management area as it isbetter in maintaining product line and managing it as needed. Following are some changes which can be taken by Al-Matani Internationals L.L.C in order to improve the company’s operations and to make the company more profitable.

Do what you’re good in

Doing one thing and maintaining it perfectly is much more important than doing multiple things and not focusing completely on any one.Focusing on one product line may help to invest more time for operating and managing.

Pros and Cons

      By doing what a company is good in, will allow the company to focus on one thing at a time and maintaining ways to enhance the product or services and will help to increase the profitability as well. However, since Al-Matani Internationals is already offering multiple services, closing other services/products will be a bit risky however, it would be beneficial tostop offering that product/service which is not generating enough profit for the company………………….

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