Air France: Resistance to Change at Air France: Bernard Attali’s Experience Case Solution

This Case is about Control

published: 01 Jan 1998

A really intense, enthusiastic and energetic innovator, his consultation in 1988 is at first viewed as a breather of clean air. He reacts with a collection of inefficient stringency courses and stops up being viewed as a superior ruler who leaps to services and develops his own protection to change. The case shows a variety of styles consisting of the constraints of a solid (one-dimensional) concept, have to get reliability, the value of method application (not simply formula), and the requirement for innovators to suggest gain to balance out the discomfort of improvement. The case likewise feature elements of French organization culture: French management choice, the profile and proficiencies of such innovators, the uniqueness of union relationships in the French public market, and the connection in between French nationalized business and the state.

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