A&D High Tech: Managing Projects for Success Case Solution & Answer

A&D High Tech: Managing Projects for Success Case Solution

In addition to the decrease in sales, SG&A’s expenses are also increasing continuously which affects the financial health and competitive position of the company, therefore generating more sales and reducing SG&A expenses is also a key problem for the company and for the management as well.

Key Issues

It is expected the management of the company is facing many key issues such as choosing among building in house and outsourcing is the key issue as the project time and scope are crucial. Measuring and evaluating all risks with respect to building in-house and outsourcing strategy is also a key issue as it could play an important role while achieving future organizational and corporative goals.


It is expected that in order to evaluate the project critically and comprehensively, there is a need to formulate a Gantt chart which includes all activates and processes. First of all, the information that is related to resources is entered followed by each specific tasks and their expected time frame. After entering the data, resource allocation to each task is performed according to their needs.

It is expected that after entering the data into the chart and rechecking the data whether it is correct or not, it is easy to determine the critical path and critical factors as simply going with the project would make it difficult to be successfully executed if any one of the critical path fails. After identifying the critical path, the total labor cost and capital cost of the project could be identified by following the allocated resources upon each task. After identifying the critical path and total labor cost, the total duration of the project could be identified which could also help to identify the bottlenecks in the project which could limit the implementation of the project successfully.

After identifying the critical factors and bottleneck factors, possible solutions could be derived in order to address those issues which appear while formulating the Gantt chart and project management cycle which could also help to open the online stores quickly.


The comprehensive analysis of the case study will analyze the need for the business to launch in the online market segment of the business. It will also include a detailed analysis for the approach of the management of the company to build or buy the required software’s and systems to launch and support the e-commerce operations and business of the company in the market and the industry.

The analysis of the project will also cover the costs and capital investments, and the expected time that the project will take as per the plan and the resources that the management of the company has diverted towards the project for initiating and completing it.

This will assist the relevant authorities including the senior management of the company in establishing the true costs, time duration and the resource adequacy for the project with respect to the goals and targets for the completion of the project that have been initially budgeted by the management of the company.

The clear picture presented in the analysis to the senior management of the company will lead to understanding the possible alternatives and a feasible solution to the challenges and problems for the project to the management of the company.


The A&D High Tech Company has been one of the most established and well-reputed companies in the industry for quite some time. The company’s reputation and acknowledgement of the services and operations of the company has been due to effective and innovative services that the company has provided to the customers in the markets where it operates.

The second most critical success factor for the business in the markets traditionally comprises of the policies and strategies that the management of the company has adopted over the year with respect to the customers in the regional markets…………….

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