IMD-3-1560 © 2005
Thiel, Jana; Seifert, Ralf W.

A growing variety of startup firms are setting out to capture the alluring business opportunities provided by pharmaceutical research and biotechnology specifically. The case takes a look in strategies and the development of AC Immune SA; a biotech startup performing research into the treatments of Alzheimer. (2) Develop a worth-optimized product portfolio while keeping options open. (3) Fix associate or licensing strategies to the most recent fiscal scenario to allow for greatest value creation. Pupils will especially learn about the success factors of directing a small enterprise during the stormy and uncertain terrain set out in the case while discussing the case and how best to handle the three identified disputes.

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Biotechnology start-up; Transition from research to development; Alzheimer’s research; licensing & partnering; Managing options in a highly, unpredictable environment; Biotechnology
Settings: Switzerland; Europe; Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease; Biotechnology; Start-up; No revenues yet; May 2005

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