IMD-6-0321 © 2009
Winter; Nie, Carlos; Cordon, Luis, Vivanco

The case looks at ABB Transformer Products world-wide production strategy as it prepares for a complete entry into the exceptionally competed Indian marketplace in 2009. The factory strategy that is concentrated needs factories, which formerly assembled all sorts of products required by its local marketplace, to specialize in one product type for all the markets in the area.

Eventually, the case asks the participants to contemplate the consequences of the factory strategy that is concentrated in defining the most suitable choice to enter the Indian marketplace.

Learning objectives: The case supplies a competition in which participants can ponder a fresh production strategy impacts the sales and service function and the entry alternatives for growing into new marketplaces. In the sub-context, it present a perfect illustration to comprehend the challenges of production preparation in a procedure designed for customized products.

Subjects: India; Manufacturing strategy; Global manufacturing; Focused factory; Customized production; Process improvement; Power generation; Outsourcing strategy
Settings: Western Europe; India; Power generation equipment; China; 1999-2000
; USD$ 5 billion

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