A Telemedicine Opportunity or Distraction? Case Solution & Answer

A Telemedicine Opportunity or Distraction? Case Solution

IS Strategy

The information service plan is a document that tries to give an explanation regarding how different information systems and the use of technology can be utilized to be part of an organization’s business strategy, which is usually designed to make sure that it matches up with the overall business strategy.

TeleStroke has been using a system that allows them to communicate to their clients and also be able to have some followed up on the continuation of their customers as well. They also try to retrieve some feedbacks from the customers too. The above through an online system that allows them to host this number of persons online and to be assessed by the doctors at the same time too.

Telemedicine is usually a system that a majority of physicians usually get to use to be able to give second opinions and some variety of medical services across the borders or online without having to contact with the patient or the person who requires information. This is a system that has been used by TeleStroke to be able to offer their services to other people who have not visited the hospital and is a way that they rely on to do marketing on their products

Firm-Based Value Chain Model

Figure 1 Value Chain Model (Porter, 1985)

Primary Functions 

Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics involve relationship shared between the suppliers and clients Figure 1 Value Chain Model (Porter, 1985). Before Ferrel enables the improvement of the telemedicine software, he has to consult Schwamm, who claims he is very busy. Furthermore, he does not want to overwhelm nurses by increasing their responsibilities within the hospital through the paediatric section.


Operations incorporate activities aimed at improving the services offered by an organization. The inputs include additional human resources and financial expense in the IT department. Outputs include the medical wellbeing of adults and children, which will increase profits once they refer other patients to the facility.

Outbound Logistics

Outbound logistics assess the processes that involve the collection and distribution of information of resources within the organization. The telemedicine software requires financing for the video conferencing services to improve (D, 2010). Furthermore, service delivery through the TeleStroke software should improve the IT and security engineering at the Partners TeleStroke Program.

Marketing and Sales 

            Marketing and networking are critical to the success of any organization, especially when  they introduce a new product or service. The hospital plans on adding the telemedicine facilities for the paediatric department (Porter, 1985). Its marketing and networking department were of great significance in achieving the success of the TeleStroke software after its launch. The hospital should use similar marketing strategies in promoting the paediatric department without overwhelming the nurses with responsibilities.


The medication and attention the nurses offer are services to the patients. The proposed introduction of a telemedicine service for the paediatrics remains the most critical issue and Schwamm will oversee the initiation of the project.

Secondary Functions


            According to the case, the TeleStroke software underwent changes to accommodate decision-making procedures and reporting among other activities. Thus, any procurement processes will ascertain that the hospital spends more money to improve the software and activities within the IT department (Laudon & Laudon, 2012).

Human Resources Management

            As established, the procurement process involves purchase of machinery; the hospital cannot ignore the fact that human resources acquisition remains very relevant to the effectiveness of the TeleStroke project. It explains why the nurses would like an additional human resource base to assist with the paediatric department if the hospital introduces the same (M, 1994)

Technological Advancement

            The TeleStroke software remains subject to improvement because new technologies emerge daily. Its activities could expand beyond reporting, assistance with surgeries, data management, and other forms of communication if the hospital upgrades it. The process of updating it required so that it accommodates a paediatric department that remains the greatest source of dispute between Ferrel and Schramm. …………………

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