A Note for Analyzing Work Groups Case Solution & Answer

A Note for Analyzing Work Groups Case Solution

However, team members felt that the formal dressing style make them feel uncomfortable. In addition, those team members who preferred to work on the odd timings also felt uncomfortable with the new proposed timings. Furthermore, the team used to conduct a brainstorming session at lunchtime, but now the new floor had no place for such activity, which resulted in less interaction with each other. The group members have formed sub groups and began to meet informally. Moreover, the members exhibited high level of job dissatisfaction and raised numerous complaints boredom, failure, and dissatisfaction. As a result, the members left the company except the group head Kane.


The Krischer had formed a group of people with diversified qualifications, background, values, and opinions. However, he succeeded in managing the team and yield tremendous results from them. His approach of managing the team had encouraged the team members to work in their own style rather than follow the formal business rules. In his management, the members used to do dress informally and had full autonomy to work on their own desires and timings, which created high level of flexibility and job satisfaction. Furthermore, when the team were on the fourth floor the members used to conduct a brainstorming sessions which enhanced their interaction and new idea generation process. Other than that, Kirschner had maintained an appropriate system of interaction and reporting which made it easy for the team members to interact and work with coordination.

However, Joe somehow has failed to manage the team in giving the full autonomy, as creative ideas could not be generated with the restrictions and limitations. Moreover, Joe did not aware the team of new changes and norms in the workplace that he was going to bring. Furthermore, the formal dressing style and set timings has made it difficult for the team members to work in their own style. According to an article, flexibility in the working hours and working style is necessary in the age of hyper creativity and changing values. (Ginka Toegel).

Moreover, the brainstorming session was important for the members in generating new unique product ideas, as the new place had no such place to conduct these informal interactions. This resulted in the development of the sub groups and increased job satisfaction. The creative ideas generating teams required flexibility in the working style and office environment as Joe had failed in giving the freedom to the team members, which ultimately lead to loss of the competent members of the team. According to an article, open discussions and open communication often leads to an acceptable solution and members often feel free to express their feelings and agendas. (Steven R. Meier, 2008). In addition, some critics have argued that giving freedom to the people, (teams) leads in finding a creative ways to meet the organizational objectives. (Erin Carson, 2014)


After evaluating the effectiveness of empowering teams and the given case study problems it has been suggested that Joe first had to build a level of interaction with the employees and the team members in order to make him familiar with everyone in the company.

Joe should have conducted a meeting with the team members in order to know that why ideas generation was delayed and what are the concerns of the team member. The concerns of the team members should have been identified, so that the actual problems could be acknowledged. Then, after evaluating their concerns, Joe should have to made certain changes in the workplace. It is expected that, the team members concerns could have helped Joe in managing the team and knowing what the team actually wanted. Joe should have familiarized himself with the teamwork culture i.e. how they are work and what are their working styles. Without knowing the context, Joe had restricted the workplace environment……………………

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