Upwork: Reimagining the Future of Work Case Solution & Answer

Upwork: Reimagining the Future of Work Case Solution 

According to Kasriel, the company faced issues from the friction of hiring which numerous firms used to reduce the entry of barrier. In the process of friction hiring, the company hires internally or interviews the candidates, screens them and hires them for a job which might not be required on a continual basis. Therefore, the company analyzed that resistance is the biggest threat for the enterprise.

Kasriel also suggested that if the company wants to reduce this resistance,then it is necessary for the company to first analyze the benefits of the online business which would make it easier for a freelancer to work and hire clients for the job. Another expert suggested that if both the two leading brands merge and perform their tasks independently on the same objective, then it would help the company in gaining its maximum benefits from the online business.

It is necessary for the company to provide convenience to its customer by providing them combined resources which would dramatically improve the data science, collaboration technology, and mobile development. Creating a reputation for new freelancers is also a very challenging task for the company,however it can only be improved if the companies convince their customers to try their services. Both the companies need to maintain a single site for their new freelancers as it would help in improving their services and in building trust in the mind of customers regarding the new brand.

By the merger of Elance-oDesk, the company received 2 million clients and 8 million freelancers from 180 countries as well as the annual billing amount reached to $750 million. However, Upwork still focuses on catering the small businesses as it generates more benefits for the business. As per the analysis, it is evaluated that the company received 70% of profits from small firms and 20% from medium enterprises and 10% from large sized businesses.

The company always prefers to make an investment in data science as it helps the company in securing the marketplace and trust of the customers. Moreover, it is also important for the companyto ensure that the freelancers and clients have received adequate services from the company or not.(FENG ZHU,RORY MCDONALD,MARCO IANSITI,AARON SMITH, 2015)

Kasriel and his management team believed that the merger of the companies would benefitthe organization and if the company combines its data resources and opens new API system in the market asit would help the business in achieving its positionin the online talent marketplace. The CEO of the company introducedbrought up three options, which are;Upwork should maintain separate brands, the company should prioritize as one site, the company should sustain and develop the different sites to provide the facilities to the distinctive marketplace. The decision of using the infrastructure of oDesk for is the right decision of the organization as it would helpthe company in maintaining an active relationship with the customers.


Upwork is the world’s biggest freelance talent platform which originated as a result of a merger between the two companies such as and oDesk. In 2015, the companies re-launched the new process and new platform, which helped the company in achieving the organizational goals and objectives.  Elance is useful in providing creative graphic and designing programs to the clients whereas, oDesk is experienced in providing technology related projects. The combination of both the companies brought perfection into the system as well as improved the market performance of the company twice the time. Moreover, before the merger the company followed Ziptask outsourcing platform which allowed the consumers and especially non-technical users to interlink with the program…..

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